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>> good morning, and welcome to the transbay joint power authority board of director's meeting for thursday, november 14th. can we take roll call please? >> sure, i will note for the regard due to the scheduling conflicts, sartipi and lloyd are absent and lee will join us. >> harper, present. >> here. >> lee. >> present. >> metcalf. >> here. >> and director reiskin? >> present. >> and chair kim. >> here. >> madam chair you do have a quorum. >> thank you, are there any communications today? seeing none, any board of director's new or old business?
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seeing none, we will move on to the executive director's report. >> good morning directors and members of the public, typically we don't hold a december meeting because of schedule travel and so forth and november is our last board meeting given that this is most likely our last meeting of the year i would like to report on the highlights, in particular since director lee is joining us today and has not been with us this last year. and the various things that we accomplished and with respect to the transbay project, beginning with the ground breaking and the sale of tea to hains, and that is how we started off the year and we then sold block six as well to gala for 30 million and entered into an agreement with havan and bridge housing to purchase, block nine for 43 million, this is working with the office of community and structure and we have to thank them for the work
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and support throughout the year. in addition i want to let the board know that on november 20th, ocii will release the rfp for block 8 which will secretary the development teams for 540 market rate and 240 affordable units on november 20th. >> another major accomplishment this year was receiving the final and conclusive determination from the state department of finance, confirming that all of our redevelopment forces are available, and again, i thank ocii and tiffany and her team for working with us on that. and if you know we updated phase one this year and we included prudent, and also recommended by the department of homeland security and fema and it goes to the best practices that the project is enjoying in the process we vowed to engineer many of the key elements and the exterior of the statement from glass

November 23, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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